Friday, October 24, 2008

Parker and Louticia Grosvenor with youngest children, daughters Mattie and Edna. Picture probably taken around 1891 or 1892 as by dates in family history, Edna was born in 1887 and she looks to be four or five years old in this picture.

John Parker Grosvenor: Born 02/13/1833; oldest son of John and Agnes Grosvenor.
He went by the name Parker.

Married: 1) Eliza Jane Herring:
Born 1837; died 01/23/1862,
Date married: 05/14/1854.
2) Louise McBride Hiser: (1833-1878)
Date married: 08/30/1864
3) Louticia Frances Keaton (1844-1919)

The "Phoenix Grosvenor's" - I think there were a total of 18 that came in from Phoenix this year!!

Kim Barringer, Gail Bearden, Robin Rohlfing and Melissa Grosvenor

The Florida Grosvenor's...

Melissa, Pat and Jason

Two Sets of Twins!

Grosvenor Reunion 2008

Joel and Jonathan from Phoenix, AZ

Benjamin and Cameron from Dupo, IL